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About Us

Proudly serving the Odell community since 2019

GreenLife Family Farms started as a dream of providing high-quality hemp & CBD products to folks that need it most at a price they can afford. It’s blossomed into so much more than just that. It’s become a place where local bakers, cheese makers, and other chefs, artisans, and creative types come together in one place to sell their goods. It’s become a place for talented local musicians, young and old, to get together to collaborate and celebrate their craft. It’s become the place where I’ve been able to discover and develop my love for organic, biodynamic, sustainable gardening. We’ve created a place where folks come, not just to shop, but to be a part of something beautifully genuine. 

The body is a temple and, as such, eating the highest quality organic produce grown with love and care instead of factory farmed, chemically enhanced, mass produced foods is the most impactful decision one can make towards improving your physical wellbeing. As with anything in life, what you put in is what you’ll get back! A healthy mind and soul are just as important as a healthy body, however, and that’s where our hemp comes in. I’m all about getting folks away from pharmaceuticals and back to allowing nature to take care of us. I believe cannabis is God’s gift to our mental, spiritual, and physical health. I’m extremely passionate about educating folks about one of the safest, most therapeutic natural substances known to man and how it can benefit them. 

As a third generation Odell community farmer, I couldn’t be more proud to be actively contributing to keeping our rural heritage alive. My passion for playing in the dirt comes from my mother and grandmother, and I’m extremely grateful for the green thumb they’ve passed on to me and that I’ve now got the opportunity to share it with y’all. I look forward to being a part of this community for many years to come, and to being a source of knowledge, love, and, of course, great farm products to anyone who chooses to be a part of the Green Life!

Thank you so much for supporting my dream!

Dustin Foster

GreenLife Family Farms

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